Moncler sales has increased by 15% throughout the year

On Tuesday’s Capital Market Day event, Luciano Santel, the company’s chief corporate and supply chain officer, said that in order to cope with the youthfulness strategy, the company will not substantially increase its prices to ensure that young consumers can afford it.

Chief Operating Officer Roberto Eggs said that the company will accelerate the investment in the online market to support e-commerce channel growth. IT investment in the next three years will reach 30 million euros to boost online revenue to double its share to 9 percent of the industry. At present, the Group’s revenue from e-commerce accounts for about 3%. In 2025, it is hoped that e-commerce revenue will eventually reach 25%.

According to Roberto Eggs, the alliance may favor about one-third of current young users, lower than Italian counterpart Gucci Gucci, after Gucci owner François-Henri Pinault revealed that the world’s second largest luxury brand accounted for half of young users, while the same group Younger users of the Yves Saint Laurent brand from Kering SA (KER.PA) are 65%.

The alliance can be planned to achieve omni-channel coverage in the European market in early 2019. In the focused Chinese market, Roberto Eggs stated that there will be specific individual plans. According to Roberto Eggs, the Alliance can plan to enter two new markets each year, while opening at least 10 new stores, and the Moncler Genius plan is the group’s new beginning.

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