Why can Moncler achieve growth for 15 consecutive seasons?

It is worth noting that the good results are particularly attributable to Moncler’s good performance in the Asian market, including Japan, China and Hong Kong, and South Korea, where sales in Hong Kong also benefited from the relocation of local stores. In addition, except for Italy, where only a 4% increase was recorded, all other regions recorded double-digit increases.

Previously, Moncler has adjusted the price gap between China and Europe for commodities, and the person in charge once said: “We have been monitoring prices and have narrowed the difference between the two markets to less than 50%.” Currently, the core Category down jackets account for 75% to 80% of Moncler’s overall sales. Luciano Santel, chief operating officer of the company, once stated that in the future, the brand will use knitwear as a key category to operate and develop. It is believed that this category has great potential and footwear Accessories such as handbags are yet to be developed.

Many people know Moncler because Ma Yun’s father has been wearing it for three consecutive years. Moncler’s supporters are also in various celebrity circles, including Madonna, Tom Hanks, Little Plum, Orlando Bloom, and Wang Shi and Ma Yun.

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