Moncler 2018 Spring and Summer Series

“Every company must innovate, and the designers play a decisive role,” said Moncler chairman and chief executive Remo Ruffini. Moncler now needs a new project to draw energy. “This is a very difficult decision. For the sake of brand innovation, we must eliminate the already slightly obsolete brand strategy launched a decade ago.”

In fact, this is not Moncler’s unilateral decision. The designer also hopes to withdraw from Moncler’s design work and allocate more energy to his own brand of the same name. “The cooperation with Moncler over the years has been very smooth. Remo gave me maximum creative freedom, but now Thom Browne has a new growth strategy, and I realized that I need to focus more on my own brand.” Thom Browne said that when Moncler began to rethink the brand’s development path, our thinking coincided.

As we previously reported, Thom Browne began to seek global growth. In September of this year, Thom Browne opened the first flagship store in Shanghai, and will expand its footprint in the Chinese market. He will open five stores in the next four months and will open another in Milan in April this year. The first European store opened in London in June.

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