Moncler does not only sell down jacket

With down jackets emphasizing the strong warmth achieved by high quality down feathers, Canada Goose’s wool blouse category also emphasizes the quality of the material. According to the brand’s statement in the media statement, all its knitted products use merino wool, and it took 36 months for the wool to be selected and tested. At the same time, the brand also specifically introduced the process of making these jerseys.

All knitwear claims to reference the infrared heat spectrum to organize the texture to help the garment achieve maximum thermal performance and increase comfort. The Canada Goose also made a special advertisement for this purpose. It focused on the production process of the new sweaters. Anna Maria, owner of Fuzzi, an Italian woolen company who produced sweaters for Jean-Paul Gaultier in the 1980s, and Lee Turlington, quality manager, all appeared.

“The logical next step along the path we have been exploring for the next time is that we are starting to enter,” CMO Poriadjian-Asch of Canada Goose explained why the company’s high profile product line is being expanded at the moment. “Customers have looked forward to this category. For a long time, “Want to know how high the customer’s expectations are, you can refer to the market performance of Canada Goose’s main competitor, Moncler.

In 2016, Moncler’s sales officially broke through the billion-dollar mark when the performance of global luxury goods growth was not satisfactory, and it still maintained a growth of nearly 7%. Thanks to its multi-category, multi-branch brand strategy – to remove down jackets, Moncler Gamme Rouge, who has been invited by Giambattista Valli, will even launch lightweight dresses and claim to be haute couture; and Moncler Gamme Bleu, headed by Thom Browne There will be shirts, casual suits, and trench coats available, and it is these fashion-oriented sub-brands that bring a lot of new business opportunities.

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