The development of Moncler online sales

Moncler CEO Remo Ruffini said in his earnings report that innovation based on the essence of the brand is the secret of Moncler’s sustainable development. He emphasized that in the era of consumer upgrades, especially in the luxury goods sector, brands must continue to introduce more new styles and innovative marketing models to satisfy consumers’ desire for freshness. The

Luciano Santel, Moncler’s chief commercial officer, pointed out in a conference after the publication of the financial report that the brand will invest more in digital and social media marketing in the future to promote communication between brands and consumers. He also revealed that Moncler’s sales in October have increased significantly as the weather has gradually cooled, and Moncler’s sales performance in November and December will continue this positive trend. The

At the same time, Moncler’s online sales growth has exceeded the growth rate of physical retail, but in order to maintain the positioning of Moncler luxury brands, the brand will strictly control the number of products available online. The

As of the end of the reporting period, Moncler had 195 direct stores and 48 wholesale stores. In the third quarter, Moncler added a total of 4 stores, including the first in Kazakhstan.

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